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Fearnadopacolypse fueled by a 24/7 weather news cycle

Fearnadopacolypse fueled by a 24/7 weather news cycle. It’s funny when you see a push back in response to the crazy weather drama that seems to have gripped the news biz and cable weather.

Time for a fat gallery when 13 High Schools do something

Time for a fat gallery when 13 High Schools do something. When 13 high schools participate in a theater competition, it’s time for a 21 picture gallery (with one click per picture) and make sure it’s socialized to every last school.

Three dead, Double murder, suicide

When you hear, “Three class 4 patients, none are breathing, with gunshots”… then not much else on the scanner, it’s time to listen hard.

When auto curated content goes wrong

When automatically curated content goes wrong, Swap a headline on the link and the scrape breaks, guessing… Google News. Sometimes amusing.

364 Facebook likes and 151 shares

Crazy amount of likes and shares on a post about a new restaurant in Springettsbury Township.

It was a blend of family pulling together, work people just don’t do anymore and preservation along a strip were people have recently lamented the destruction of history that pulled the hits that kept coming.

Chewing on history

Chewing on history. A fleeting moment, exploring the teeth and gums of my imagination.

It’s no secret that I love historical things. I am more of a mental, digital collector than of things, but to touch, taste and chew? is magical.

This a better find than my grandmother’s preserved tomato juice marked 1947, which wasn’t as pretty.

More beflow in my entry in LOOK @ydrcom visual blog

It’s a muffler tree

Entertaining myself while getting a muffler

Blooms and negative background

Sometimes you can just pull something out of a busy environment and make it pretty. Liked the pastel blue sky, dried out field and BOOM! color. Shot with a Moto X smartphone first gen.

The evolution of twitter

Interesting evolution of twitter, others test market, jump and grab. “Given xxxxxx success, it makes sense Twitter would want to create a native version of these tools themselves.”