Dormancy: Using Nest thermostat 6 months a year


I like to shut the electronics off on my hot water boiler off for six months of the year.

I don’t have central air and I would rather not keep heating system electronics energized during thunderstorm season. And not using half the time, might mean lasting longer.

The problem is that the Nest thermostat on the wall is powered by the same transformer that powers the electronics on my boiler and shutting it off will move the power source of the thermostat to the backup battery, until is passes out, shortening the life of the battery.

Easy solution, according to Nest: Find an old mini USB charger. Pop thermostat off the wall, and set it someplace to keep the backup battery topped off during this summer months.  The mini USB charging port is on the back of the thermostat.

If you have Android devices (or Kindle) this is the standard charger that has been used since the beginning, and you probably have an extra one laying around from a phone.

Nest even offered to set me up with one if I didn’t have one, but I have like 10 of them for old devices