Gallery: Flyball is fun for dogs

It’s orange week

Getting good at periscope

Interesting use read about Periscope: engage early “where are you all from” and stick with the stream as people come on. I think this is a more natural tool for TV folks than the web/print behind the camera people. There are app notifications (kinda annoying when ppl stream all the time) and make sure you set up the title up for your follow feeds tagging news group. And turn on it to link to twitter! It’s grayed out, not by default, and not obvious in bright sun, once you start there is no way to tell if it is in your twitter feed, people start commenting, but you don’t know if it is just followers. Then you have to restart the whole process to fix. I speak from experience smile emoticon Any fun stories using this yet?

Gallery: Study the graffiti in an abandoned prison

Gallery of 17 photos. The graffiti in the cells of the old York County Prison is an interesting study of solitary humans thinking prior to 1979, when the prison closed. This is a drawing of Jimi Hendrix in a cell I took a number of years ago. This time capsule has been stone, cold, vacant for my entire career with many plans that never materialized. When this property develops, it will be defining moment for York. But first, I hope someone documents the prison graffiti.

Android fans should be grateful Google stepped into Moto

True, and lower hype + great experience for low price = high value. “Motorola’s smartphones don’t get the same level of hype and attention that Samsung’s do, and that’s actually a real shame. One of the things that really impressed us about the second-generation Moto X in particular was how it didn’t spam us with gimmicky software — instead, the few additions it made to Android were really well thought out and useful. ”

BAM! and the photo horrifies you into the point of the story

One of these pictures where the elements come together in horror and right to the point of things.

A child plays within his father’s memorial. Although you have to wonder how much goes on, or is forgotten, in the mind of a 1 year old, I would like this picture to come to mind every time someone decides to pull a gun out to do harm.

Video: A coach pulls light from horror

I like when people give me the hope, the reason to carry on and a spark of something for people to move forward with. You just can’t leave people with drama, doom and then end with that.

Head football coach Jesse Shay tells us about Red Lion Area Senior High School football players Stone Hill and Nick Mankin killed in a vehicle crash yesterday.

Old house Auction, I lost

IMG_20150613_092557IMG_20150613_092059-01Well I lost the auction, but I got to use my new Google Project Fi Nexus 6.

Things have a tendency of moving forward to something better.

Hopefully, the old Craftsman won’t go to a flipper that does a crappy rehab, sells to a realtor at a price it can’t be sold to get out from under in 10 years when it winds up back on the market as a crappy, over-priced rehab with the same issues it has now.

Many photos below

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